The Sub-Honours toolkit is a series of 3 workshops in Surviving, Understanding, and Mastering Sub-Honours Mathematics. You don’t need to attend all three, you can go to any workshop you find interesting. Each workshop is run twice, so you have a choice of two possible slots.


Week 3: Monday 2nd Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 4th Oct 4 – 5pm

An interactive, practical workshop on how to understand what a question is asking and how to write your solutions. Learn these vital skills to get better grades and begin building deeper knowledge. Questions answered in the workshop:

  • What is the question asking?
  • What strategy should I use to answer this question?
  • How should I layout my solution?
  • What have I learned from attempting this question?
  • How can I work with others to share feedback and knowledge?


Week 4: Monday 9th Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 11th Oct 4 – 5pm

This interactive workshop with practical activities will provide Sub-Honours/Honours students with a tool [mathematical logic] to appreciate and relate different types of proofs, as well as generate your own alternatives; it will also discuss a way to meet the essential criteria for solving unseen types of problems.

  • What is an adequate strategy for solving given problem?
  • What is the best strategy for solving this problem?
  • What do I need to tackle unseen type of problems?
  • How to learn to remember and understand?


Week 5: Monday 16th Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 18th Oct 4 – 5pm

This interactive workshop with practical activities will provide Sub-Honours students with strategies for learning/revising mathematical concepts and techniques for self-evaluation; it will also further explore the nature of tackling unseen types of problems.

  • How to maximise the longevity of your knowledge?
  • How to efficiently prepare and revise for exams?
  • How can I become a more independent learner?