The Honours toolkit is a series of 3 workshops in Surviving, Understanding, and Mastering Honours Mathematics. You don’t need to attend all three, you can go to any workshop you find interesting. Each workshop is run twice, so you have a choice of two possible slots.


Week 3: Wednesday 4th Oct 3 – 4pm OR Thursday 5th Oct 3 – 4pm

An interactive, practical workshop to develop the skills needed to survive Honours Mathematics. This workshop is primarily for Junior Honours (but Senior Honours are welcome, if they think it will be useful!). Questions answered in the workshop:

  • How can you read Mathematics critically?
  • How can you write Mathematics clearly and concisely, to maximise your grades?
  • What are the common types of questions, theorems, and proofs that come up in Honours Maths?
  • How do I manage my time when I have a demanding Honours schedule?
  • What are the overall themes across all Honours modules? How can I use this to benefit my study?
  • How do I go beyond set questions and lecture notes to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject?
  • How can forming a study group and working collaboratively help me?


The Understanding workshops are run once for each sub-discipline within the school: Pure, Applied, and Statistics.
You can attend only one or more than one, as many as you like.

These workshops will address skills specific to each sub-discipline.

  • Applied Mathematics : Wednesday 11th Oct 3 – 4pm
    Learn the skills to see Mathematics in real world problems with case studies in Mathematical Biology.
  • Pure Mathematics : Tuesday 10th Oct 3 – 4pm
    Learn the skills required to define abstract objects, derive their properties, proof complex results, and maximise the longevity of your knowledge.
  • Statistics Thursday 12th Oct 3 – 4pm
    Learn the skills required in the entire cycle of Statistical inquiry: data collection, data exploration, devising appropriate statistical methods, analysing data, presenting the results, and making decisions.


Week 5: Wednesday 18th Oct 3 – 4pm OR Thursday 19th 3 – 4pm

To Master Honours mathematics you need to the best use of your study materials you can, go into exams confidant and prepared, and, create a good-quality dissertation.
This workshop deals with the skills needed to do achieve the degree you deserve. Questions answered in this workshop:

  • How can I use my lecture notes, tutorial questions, and past exam papers to maximise the grades I achieve?
  • How can I dissect exam questions and find out what they are asking me to do?
  • How can I structure, clearly and methodically, exam solutions in a time-pressured environment?
  • How can I approach problems I have never seen before with a strategy and with confidance?
  • How can I make best use of independent learning week?
  • How should I choose and plan my dissertation?
  • What skills do I need to write my dissertation?
  • How can I communicate Mathematics clearly in oral presentations?