The Sub-Honours toolkit is a series of 3 workshops in Surviving, Understanding, and Mastering Sub-Honours Mathematics. You don’t need to attend all three, you can go to any workshop you find interesting. Each workshop is run twice, so you have a choice of two possible slots.


Week 3: Monday 2nd Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 4th Oct 4 – 5pm

An interactive, practical workshop on how to understand what a question is asking and how to write your solutions. Learn these vital skills to get better grades and begin building deeper knowledge. Questions answered in the workshop:

  • What is the question asking?
  • What strategy should I use to answer this question?
  • How should I layout my solution?
  • What have I learned from attempting this question?
  • How can I work with others to share feedback and knowledge?


Week 4: Monday 9th Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 11th Oct 4 – 5pm

Skills in Mathematical Logic and Proof writing are critical to success in Maths. In this workshop, you will learn through practical activity how to use the indispensable tool of logic and how to relate different types of proofs. Questions answered in the workshop:

  • What are the basic rules and symbols used in logic?
  • How do you translate from simple English to Mathematics and back again?
  • How can you recognise common logical structures in mathematical statements, definitions, and instructions?
  • What are the basic types of proof?


Week 5: Monday 16th Oct 4 – 5pm OR Wednesday 18th Oct 4 – 5pm

This workshop brings you the skills needed to revise and retain key mathematical concepts and techniques, and the tools needed to evaluate your own progress and tackle unseen, challenging problems. Questions addressed in this workshop:

  • How do I learn key concepts and build on that to retain more complex material?
  • How do you devise a strategy and solution to problems you haven’t seen before?
  • How can I become a more independent learner?